Privacy Policy

Crop Drop - both the mobile and web apps - supports completely optional Facebook integration. This can be used to share your high scores with your friends. In our database, we store your Facebook User ID, first name, and a hyperlink to your current profile picture. When you view a high scores list, your friends list is queried and - if you have other friends who use Crop Drop, you will see their scores as well. No other Facebook data is accessed or used. Your user data is only stored in two database tables (one for users and one for scores) and is not used or viewed by any other Haunted Bees games or services. We do not share your information with anyone else. If you want your user data purged from our databases you can contact us at It is our promise to you that your Facebook data is between you and Crop Drop. You can see the full source code on GitHub to see exactly what the app does if you don't believe me.