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Hello and welcome to the Haunted Bees "Areund the World" project. For some reason we decided it would be a good idea to make foods and listen to music from around the world, and thanks to the internet and blogosphere technology, you can follow along, too! So if you want to have a very hastily thrown together adventure experiencing a very tiny handful of food and music from around the world, look no further!

A few disclaimers: Firstly, I am using Wikipedia's list of sovereign states as my reference for this, which means I'll be including places that may not officially be considered countries by most of the world, so please don't think I'm making a political statement by including them on here. I probably am, but mostly I just want to try a bunch of food and maybe learn a little bit more about the world. Secondly, I am from California and I speak English. If you are looking for 100% authenticity on regional dishes, you should probably consult a resource from that region, not some dude in California with too much free time and internet access. Haunted Bees Productions is not affiliated with any of the websites that are linked to here. We do not endorse anything about these websites, other than that their recipes seem accurate enough and that YouTube hosts a lot of music on it, and the music sounds pretty good sometimes.

Finally, if you have any comments, suggestions, criticisms, complaints, or if I accidentally say/do something appropriative or uncomfortable for whatever reason, hit me up at, on Twitter at @hauntedbees, or on Instagram.

With that said, have fun! Click areund on the filters to find stuff, or search by recipe name or ingredient in the search box above! If you just want to see every food that matches your filters, just click into the search box without typing anything!


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